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Scapin Gastronomy in Via Armando Diaz 20, (and in Via Fontanelle Santo Stefano, 12) in Verona, is overflowing with products like a bottega and welcoming like a hosteria. These two typical aspects of Italian gastronomic culture unfurl in a space that has now become a gathering point.
For all of our new visitors, as well as our long-time clients, it is a big surprise accompanied, however, by certainty: the products brought to the table are always distinguished by the Scapin brand, synonymous of authenticity, good taste and attention to ingredients.
There is no need to remember fixed hours, becuase Caffè Cucina e Bottega Scapin is open all day without a break (7.ooAM to midnight).

The new Bottega seats 80 and has a modern, open kitchen where dishes are rigorously prepared to order. At Scapin you can take advantage of special lunch menus, with balanced, delicious dishes for those who must return to the office and others who will continue the day with a stroll in the city centre.
In the evening, you can sit at a table in a relaxed, historic setting, and chose from a menu linked to tradition and a wine list that exalts the authenticity of independent winemakers’ production.

At Scapin you may also organize simple private or company events such as meetings, graduation parties, birthdays and anniversaries. Group menus are also available.


Much more than just a bar, open from 7.00AM to midnight Caffè Cucina e Bottega Scapin will please even the most demanding clients.
The pleasant atmosphere is ideal for an Italian breakfast; the pastries and excellent coffee complete the ample offerings.
How best to end the day? With a fresh, traditional aperitif chosen from a list of almost 200 wines or, if you prefer, artisanal beer. All accompanied by irresistable snacks.


You will find everything you can imagine in the Scapin Delicatessen. Fresh take-away products.
A wide choice of prepared, authentic dishes made in house (among these timballos and baked pastas, and parmigiana) but also a series of dishes from the more classic (cooked garden vegetables, cold cuts and cheeses from the area) to temptations such as (fish salads, chutneys, burrata from Puglia, Iberian prosciutto) to take home every day.
For thirty years the Delicatessen has served the Veronese, but also tourists who want to try local products as well as other European offerings.
Impossible not to try the spit-roasted chicken, a guarantee of good taste and lightness!

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