Your wedding will always remain imprinted as a sweet indelible memory: for the two of you, the bride and groom, it is the crowning event of your dreams of love; for us, at Scapin, a solid commitment to transform your reception into an unforgettable moment for all of your guests. The food, the organization of the reception, and personalized decorations for every wedding are managed by Scapin with the guarantee of an excellent result and tranquillity for the bride and groom. Enchanting villas, historic buildings and gardens – amongst the most prestigious in Northern Italy – but also farm houses immersed in nature, farm-holiday structures, and vineyards can be transformed into the ideal location, thanks to Scapin’s vast and consolidated experience.


From organisation to total management of the event, Scapin’s expert staff guarantees elegance, the assurance of quality products, and constant attention to the protagonists: the bride and groom. These are values that have made our Wedding Service amongst the best known and regarded in the Verona area and beyond.

Sposi matrimonio Scapin a Verona

Frequently asked questions:

Of course. Our staff is at your complete disposition to work with you to meet every expectation for your wedding reception. You can choose from more than 100 dishes that we are certain will amaze you. In the estimate, we also include wines and your wedding cake, made especially for you in our kitchens. (Floral decorations, music and SIAE fees remain outside the estimate, as these depend on individual choices.)

Yes. Once a month, the Scapin Wedding staff organizes an evening dedicated to brides and grooms: we organize a free dinner during which the couples, comfortably seated, can taste some of the dishes from a classic wedding menu.

For those unable to participate in this evening, we are available to prepare a trial menu by appointment.

With a simple telephone call to our offices or by sending an email, you can receive more than 12 menu proposals, with prices, that include an ample selection of seasonal dishes, but also selections based on the location chosen.

Ca’ Scapin, but not only. We have our restaurant, Ca’ Scapin (open only for events) located in Santa Maria di Zevio (VR); we are happy to show you this structure, without any obligation on your part. We also collaborate with many villas and estates in Northern Italy and, based on the number of guests and your personal preferences, can suggest the ideal location for you. We are also available to make site visits with you in order to better understand your needs.

We are both. We have had our own restaurant for ten years (Ca’ Scapin in Santa Maria di Zevio), open only for banquets and receptions, and we have also organized catered events and banquets for more than twenty years. If you have a private house or have chosen a villa or an estate, we will make a site visit there with you to decide together every detail of the reception, from the menu to the decorations, for which we can offer a wide range of choices, both for the interior rooms and for the garden or other exterior spaces of the chosen location.

Scapin has organised catering and banqueting services for more than two decades, so you can count on our experience and guaranteed reliability. Scapin’s kitchens are “transferred” to the site of the wedding reception, where we prepare dishes to order at the moment of service, setting up stoves, ovens, and everything needed on site. Our chef, Umberto Scappini, has overseen our kitchens’ production since 2000 and works with a highly trained staff, ready to delight your palettes. He also has at his disposition a fleet of vehicles including six refrigerated trucks and five equipment transport vehicles, as well as a fully-outfitted, mobile kitchen truck. We also offer a wide array of linens and decorations to suit your personal taste and location.

Absolutely yes, the wine and the cake may come from your suppliers, and we will adjust your estimate to reflect this with an appropriate discount. We can chill the wine and suggest the right quantities. As far as desserts go, we remind you that all of our desserts and fresh pastries are made in house.

Certainly. We can organize a reception at a private home, deciding with you what hors d’oeuvres or finger food to offer to your guests. Scapin can also provide waiters and equipment (tables, chairs, outdoor umbrellas for shade) or simply trays or savoury and sweet gastronomic snacks.

Scapin’s chefs are able to study an ad hoc menu that takes into account any intolerances or allergies, or other needs, including vegetarian and vegan dishes.