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The story of the Scappini family of Verona is a pleasant voyage through time, focused on high-quality gastronomy. From the provinces to the city, the story begins on a bicycle in the town of Villafranca di Verona and takes with it all of the experience of sacrifices, passion, and the tradition of quality Veronese gastronomy.
A story that unites and accompanies a family for three generations through the management of an itinerant sales activity of typical products and cheese aging. A reality that succeeds in offering a new model of quality gastronomy, attentive to the consumer’s needs, which evolves over time with guaranteed maintenance of high qualitative standards.

Ca Scapin - Il ristorante per gli eventi a Verona
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The guarantee of the products and constant care for the customer are values that have consolidated the Wedding service over the years, making it among the best known and appreciated beyond the Veronese borders. The wedding will remain forever imprinted as an indelible sweet memory, for you marry the crowning dream of love, for us at Scapin a concrete commitment to transform your reception into an unforgettable moment for all your guests. Kitchen, organization of the reception and personalized set-up services for each wedding are best managed by Scapin with the guarantee of an excellent result and the tranquility of the spouses. Charming villas, palaces and gardens among the most prestigious in Northern Italy but also Farmhouses surrounded by nature, Agritourisms and Wineries, can be transformed into the ideal location thanks to the functional and consolidated Ca ‘Scapin are the places where the Wedding service operates.

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VeronaFiere SpA

Partnership with the Verona Fair. Scapin In Fiera offers quality food both to visitors who have already entered the fair during the periods of the events and set-ups, and by external public who can enter from the entrance from the external square in front of the Palaexpo.


Scapin’s various areas of activity open many horizons for collaboration. These range from large cultural events like the international street games festival, “Tocatì”, to events dedicated to the world of cars and motorbikes and racing.

The ever-growing partnerships with events known throughout the nation are collaborations in which Scapin works in synergy with its partners to best meet the needs of clients in every moment and occasion.

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Scapin dal 1935 Verona